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Founded in Denmark in 1975, Focus Lighting has gained a profound knowledge of lighting solutions to public and private entrepreneurs. In recent years we have developed our business within public street lighting, and with more than 250,000 luminaires in European municipalities, we have become an important player in the street lighting sector.

The Focus luminaires are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, i.e. LED and the possibility of intelligent lighting control. We develop the luminaires in our own laboratory, and, being a small and flexible organisation, we benefit from a short and flexible developing process. We are able to execute measurements and tests necessary for implementing new technology in house. Optimization and product development is a constantly ongoing process. 

We manufacture luminaires upon order and can quickly adjust to the exact customer specification. The assembly is carried out in our own premises in Denmark, enabling us to offer short delivery times. We cooperate closely with our primary suppliers, most of which are located in Denmark, and they contribute to securing the high quality which has been the cornerstone of our brand throughout our more than 40 years in business.

Interested in cooperation or in learning more about us? – please send an email to focus@focus-lighting.dk or call us at +45 4914 8081.

Made in Denmark


We are a team of dedicated people taking care of the product all the way from concept to ready luminaire.

Made in Denmark


We cooperate with Scandinavian architects who master the minimalist design. Together we create sustainbale products with pleasant light.

Made in Denmark


We have our own lab for measuring light and its perceived brightness. We study the quality of light in the lab and in the real environment.

The human eye is the best judge.

Made in Denmark


The quality of light determines if people feel comfortable and safe when using public spaces. We adjust our luminaires to global market conditions without compromising on the quality of light.

Made in Denmark


The aesthetic aspect is important in our work with light and luminaires. We use the same colours and materials across the product brands, and you can mix them according to your preferences.

Made in Denmark


Our business is flexible and agile and will always meet market demands for quick delivery of customized solutions.

Made in Denmark


All luminaires are assembled and tested at our workshop in Kokkedal. We cooperate with the world leaders in metal working, casting, electronics, etc, securing that every single component will increase the quality of the final product. 

Made in Denmark


Our team of experienced craftsmen ensure that the final product is in accordance with our quality standards in regard to finish and function, and we are proud of a very low failure rate.

Made in Denmark


The best part of the process is the result. When form and function interact, and when light and luminaires create spaces and new environments where people feel comfortable and safe.


There are more than one aspect to cooperating with Focus Lighting.

Firstly, we cooperate with architects and consultants to the building or street lighting project in order to provide the best solution for the contractor. Our strength in this phase of the project is the provision of lighting calculations, samples as well as many years’ experience in developing the right type of luminaire for a given purpose.

Secondly, we work closely with selected Danish architects in developing beautiful luminaires with pleasant light. This team work is very important in order to unite design and function. All our luminaires are the result of such cooperation, and we have become very familiar with the process.

Last, but not least, we cooperate with a large group of sub-suppliers all over the world. Each of them are experts in their field and contribute to securing the best quality at the right price. The group of sub-suppliers range from multi-national manufacturers of electronics to small-scale specialist craftsmen. We cannot perform without them and do our best to be an attractive partner – also in this field.

Interested in cooperation or in learning more about us? – please send an email to focus@focus-lighting.dk or call us at +45 4914 8081.

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